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Who We Are
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Our mission is to bring the love of Christ to our community through relationships of empathy, integrity, and grace.



Our doors are open to all. We are a multi-generational PCUSA congregation.  We are committed to bringing people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


We are committed to building bridges and establishing ministries that address real everyday needs. We are involved in local and international missions, empowering their ministries through our giving and mission teams.


We are a praying people, having clusters of members spontaneously and intentionally interceding for the touch and direction of God in our lives an community.


We provide a ministry that enables all people to grow in their walk with Christ; releasing them to use their spiritual gifts, equipping and empowering them for ministry, and coaching them as they carry out ministry. We offer the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring, as well as linking individuals who can give care, support, and friendship so that no one journeys alone.


We are examining our physical space, making sure it is functional, helping our church become inviting and visually stimulating for all ages. We are upgrading our facility with technological and visual improvements.


We are a joyful, enthusiastic fellowship of believers who are excited about Jesus, dependent on God the Father, and constantly seeking to be led by the Holy Spirit in prayer and worship.



Foundational Values

  • Dependent on God: We seek God's direction and empowerment through prayer, believing that He will guide our paths.

  • Christ-Centered: We desire to emphasize the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We put Jesus Christ in the center of our lives and worship.

  • Biblical: We believe the Bible is God's inspired Word, the basis for Truth, and gives us the purpose for our life both individually and corporately.

  • Faithful: We practice faithfulness to God through a long-term commitment with our church family.

  • Relational: We are led to spiritual maturity through nurturing relationships in which we experience God's love expressed through the love and care of other people.


Ministry Values

  • Acceptance: We accept people with unconditional love, affirm their worth and value, and receive them into our church family.

  • Evangelism: We believe everyone is incomplete without knowing the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to meet the needs of our neighbors by communicating the gospel of Christ in word and action.

  • Visionary: We trust God fully and are willing to try new approaches in ministry. All ministry will be developed and conducted in a way that is relevant.

  • Mentoring: We undertake ministry in such a way that it enables people to grow in the walk with Christ; releases them to use their spiritual girts; equips, empower, and coaches them as they carry out ministry.

  • Joyful: We worship and serve together joyfully.



Strategic Initiatives

  • Assimilation: Create a process for progressing assimilation of seekers and believers from all entry points to worship, to membership, to incorporate them into the life and ministry of the church. Assess and modify, if necessary, our present commission system to ensure an effective functional structure that would be consistent with our assimilation process.
  • Spiritual Growth/Passionate Spirituality: Create a system for assisting people in the spiritual growth to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through worship intentional prayer, Bible study, discovery and use of spiritual gifts in their daily lives.
  • Facility: Set up long range plans for the renovation and expansion of our church building to support the ministry needs.
  • Evangelism: Prepare and encourage our members to be involved in "The great Commission." develop ways to communicate "The Good News" to those in our ministry area, especially those whom we have identified as our three mission foci.

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