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Fellowship for Men & Women

Men's Breakfast

Most months, the men (and several women) get together for breakfast and to hear an inspirational speaker on a Saturday morning. Contact Rick Iwai for more information.


Forever Young Luncheon

Lunch and a speaker for older couples and singles, usually the third Thursday @ 11:30 a.m. Contact the Deacons for further information.


Women's Ministry

Woman are invitied to uplifting monthly events in addition to our annual Women's Christmas Social and Women's Retreat. Please contact Gail DaVall or check out the Women's Ministry bulletin board for more information.



Singles and couples group; meetings include dinner and a speaker on the fourth Saturday of the month @ 6:30 p.m. at the church.



Small Groups

Monday Evenings

On Monday evenings, various small groups meet for fellowship, prayer and discussion of a scripture passage or spritual book. They meet in members' homes or at the church. Contact the church office for more information 310-832-7597


Wednesday Evenings

On Wednesday evening, an intercessory prayer group meets at the church at 5pm. A group has been praying like this at the church for over 30 years!



Bible Study

Join us 8:30 am every Sunday Morning.

Don't forget to bring your Bibles and an open mind as we go prospecting through the Scriptures for the jewels and precious metals God has hidden there for us to find. Our class is an open forum, giving opportunity to everyone to make a contribution to our study so don't forget to wear your thinking caps and bring those questions that you've always had but were too afraid to ask.



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