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Click through the tabs below to view our different staff, officers, and deacons.


Click through the tabs below to view our different staff, officers, and deacons.



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Office Staff

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Music & Worship Staff

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Children & Youth Staff

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The session is a group of elected officers (the pastor and the elders). It is responsible for the mission and government of the church. The elders are elected for three year terms, one-third of the Session being elected each year. Note that elders are ordained for life, but only serve on Session when they are are elected. In our church, the elections are held during a congregational meeting in the Fall.


Session Members


  • Rev. Tim Avazian



  • Sue Speth


Class of 2020

  • Mike Mantz
  • Jerry Drenckhahn
  • Gwen Brown
  • Christy Wade

Class of 2018

  • Bob Goldsworthy
  • Rick Iwai
  • Paul Puskar
  • Virginia Wade
  • Marcie Wigle

Class of 2019

  • Sandy DeLossa
  • Cam Beck
  • Lauren Beck
  • Elliot Porterfield
  • Matthew Benjamin


Sarah Mantz is also co-chair of the Student Ministries Commission



Detailed responsibilities

From the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Book of Order:


The session shall have responsibility for governing the congregation and guiding its witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness. As it leads and guides the witness of the congregation, the session shall keep before it the marks of the Church (F-1.0302), the notes by which Presbyterian and Reformed congregations have identified themselves throughout history (F-1.0303) and the six Great Ends of the Church (F-1.0304).


In light of this charge, the session has responsibility and power to:

  1. provide that the Word of God may be truly preached and heard. This responsibility shall include providing a place where the congregation may regularly gather for worship, education, and spiritual nurture; providing for regular preaching of the Word by a teaching elder or other person prepared and approved for the work; planning and leading regular efforts to reach into the community and the world with the message of salvation and the invitation to enter into committed discipleship; planning and leading ministries of social healing and reconciliation in the community in accordance with the prophetic witness of Jesus Christ; and initiating and responding to ecumenical efforts that bear witness to the love and grace of God.

  2. provide that the Sacraments may be rightly administered and received. This responsibility shall include authorizing the celebration of the Lord’s Supper at least quarterly and the administration of Baptism as appropriate, in accordance with the principles of the Directory for Worship; and exercising pastoral care among the congregation; in order that the Sacraments may be received as a means of grace, and the congregation may live in the unity represented in the Sacraments.

  3. nurture the covenant community of disciples of Christ. This responsibility shall include receiving and dismissing members; reviewing the roll of active members at least annually and counseling with those who have neglected the responsibilities of membership; providing programs of nurture, education, and fellowship; training, examining, ordaining, and installing those elected by the congregation as ruling elders and deacons; encouraging the graces of generosity and faithful stewardship of personal and financial resources; managing the physical property of the congregation for the furtherance of its mission; directing the ministry of deacons, trustees, and all organizations of the congregation; employing the administrative staff of the congregation; leading the congregation in participating in the mission of the whole church; warning and bearing witness against error in doctrine and immorality in practice within the congregation and community; and serving in judicial matters in accordance with the Rules of Discipline.



Moderator: Martha Bodlovich

Vice-Moderator: Sue Masengale


The office of Deacon, as set forth in Scripture, is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Here at First Presbyterian Church, this caring ministry is taken very seriously. Thus, deacons are elected by the congregation, examined by the session, and ordained by the pastor. Most deacons serve a three year term on a 20 person board. This Board of Deacons is responsible for the following tasks:


  • Greeting those attending worship every week.
  • Providing coffee after worship on the second Sunday of every month.
  • Preparing the elements for communion and cleaning up when it is finished.
  • Maintaining regular contact with sick and shut-in members using cards, visits, and telephone calls.
  • Sending sermon tapes to shut-ins who request them.
  • Hosting a monthly luncheon (called "Forever Young") for elderly and shut-in church members.
  • Hosting receptions following funerals of church members.
  • Delivering seasonal gifts to the elderly, the shut-ins, and the staff.


In order to fulfill this ministry, all deacons meet for an hour and a half on the first Thursday of each month. After this meeting, sub-committees usually gather to organize receptions or the monthly lunch. At least nine deacons also serve as liaisons to the standing commissions of our church.


Anyone interested in learning more about this ministry is encouraged to contact our moderator and/or our pastor for further details.



The work of the church happens through the commissions. They are the incubators for new ideas and the forum for discussing how things happen. The chairperson of each commission is normally a member of Session, and the rest of the commission is drawn from the congregation. Anyone is welcome to join a commission (except Nominating), just contact the chairperson to learn about meeting times.



Membership / Adult Discipleship

Description Coming Soon


Chairperson: Rick Iwai



Mission Commission

The Mission Commission supports a wide variety of humanitarian and evangelistic work in our city and throughout the world. Well over 10% of our budget is earmarked specifically for this purpose. Within Southern California, these funds support ministries to drug addicts, mentally ill persons, abused women, adoptive families, foster families, and the homeless. Outside of Southern California, these funds support several full time missionaries.


We increase awareness of Mission Opportunities through an annual Mission's Fair, an Alternative Christmas Market, a variety of missionary speakers, and the annual CROP walk for world hunger. In partnership with the Student Ministries Commission, we also encourage short-term mission trips, including a recent project in West Virginia. A major project of this commission is the annual Thanksgiving Basket Drive, which has distributed several thousand boxes of food and gifts to needy families in our community throughout the years.


Co-Chairs: Lauren Beck and Toni Nilsen



Personnel Commission

This commission recruits, hires, and evaluates both full and part-time staff for the church. They maintain up-to-date job descriptions for each staff member. They evaluate each staff member at least biannually, they recommend salary changes, and they work to resolve significant performance problems that may occur. They also work to resolve any inter-personal problems or conflicts involving staff members.


Chairperson: Elliot Porterfield and Mike Mantz



Stewardship Commission

This Commission manages both the finances and the property of our church. They count the weekly offering and oversee the investment funds of the church. They supervise the financial secretary, they monitor financial reports, they create an annual pledge campaign, and they recommend an annual church budget for approval by the session. They oversee the maintenance and repair of church property. They also approve the use of church property by outside groups.


Chairperson: Jerry Drenckhahn



Worship & Music Commission

This commission is responsible for all aspects of church worship and music. Through the music staff, they organize music rehearsals and plan the music for each worship service. Through designated volunteers, they furnish liturgists, ushers and sound technicians each Sunday. They organize elders to serve the elements on each Communion Sunday, and they provide a sound technician for weddings and funerals when requested. They are also responsible for banners and seasonal decorations in and around the sanctuary.


Chairperson: Sandy DeLossa



Nominating Committee

This commission seeks to discover the individuals that God is calling to be elders and deacons in our church. In making this decision, they prayerfully consider stewardship, attendance, giftedness, spiritual maturity, and willingness to serve. In a typical year, they seek at least 7 elders and 11 deacons. This process takes several months of work.


Chairperson: TBD



Mission Facilitation Team

Description Coming Soon





Technology Support Team

Description Coming Soon


Chairperson: Elliot Porterfield

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