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Our church's outreach to those in need in our community is called the "Backyard Mission Team." We started with a one-week immersion mission trip where, instead going to the other side of the world to serve, we went just down the hill to east San Pedro--a whole mile from the church. Now we have continued these connections to bring the love of Christ to our community.


Backyard Mission Week

On the Backyard Mission Trip, we spent a week connecting with the social service agencies and the people in need right in our own community.

  • At SHAWL House, we joined together with the women there to work in the yard, then we made dinner for them and fellowshipped together.
  • We spent two days at Toberman Neighborhood Center, moving and organizing their library, working with the disadvantaged kids in the summer program, and helping in the thrift shop.
  • Over at Harbor Interfaith Services, we painted the emergency shelter, worked in the food pantry, and hosted a barbecue for the families in the shelter
  • We also served sandwiches to people living on the streets and talked with them.



On-going Outreach

Our Blessing Bags project provides a way for us to help those living on the streets, giving them small useful items, such as blankets or toothbrushes.

If you are interested in learning more about this and any upcoming outreach programs please contact the Church office at

(310) 832-7597.

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