Soul Feast
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Soul Feast Worship Service

An evening worship service which focuses on feeding the body and soul through music, relationships, and food! This a great more casual program to invite friends, neighbors and family to attend.


Time and Place

Soul Feast happens every Sunday (except Summer and major holidays) starting at 5:30pm. We meet in the main Scantuary for upbeat contemporary worship music followed by a meal starting around 6:30. Just come over and our greeters will welcome and point you in the correct direction.


Program and Speakers

The speaker for each program varies previous programs have included: interactive storytelling and discussion, a musical play put on by the Children's choir, mission crafts to serve the needs of the community, and much more. Please subscribe to our weekly email newsletter to hear about upcoming programs.


Each service contains worship music led by our extremely talented music corrdinator Macain Treat. You can see and hear some of his talent below.


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