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We enjoy playing together as well as worshipping and serving together. Being a team together gives us a chance to enjoy each other's gifts (across generations), keep our "temples of the Holy Spirit" in shape. Competition also seems to bring out different sides of people (for better or worse!). We participate in the South Bay Church Athletic League in co-ed volleyball and softball.



The volleyball league plays two seasons: fall and spring, and games are on Saturday afternoons and evenings. We have five teams at different levels. The games are six-on-six, and each team can have no more than three men on the court at a time.


A/B-league players generally have significant experience, although need not have played at a varsity level. The captain of this team is Jim Peacock, so if you play at this level and would like to join us, contact him.


The C-league includes a wide range of players who are more comfortable at a less competitive level than A. So, if you have little less experience, are at an age where you're a little slower than you used to be, or just like it a little lower key, this is the team for you. The captain of this team is Maureen Bradford so contact her if you'd like to play!




We play softball Saturday afternoons in the summer on a couple of fields in Torrance. The league is a fun slow-pitch brand of softball. Again, it's co-ed, so we can only have seven males on the field. Also, EVERYONE bats, so come on out and join the fun. The captain of this team is Gary Smith, and we'd love to have you join us--the only requirement is that you're age 12 or older.

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