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The Messenger - April 22, 2008

First Presbyterian Church of San Pedro: Christ for Life


Photo of Pastor Neal Neuenschwander


Indescribable, uncontainable,

You place the stars in the sky and you know them by name.

You are amazing, God.

Incomparable, unchangeable,

You see the depths of my heart and you love me the same.

You are amazing, God.

You are amazing, God.

It's not often that I'll brag for two weeks about anything at the church--but I just can't help myself! Wasn't that a fabulous Youth Sunday we saw just 8 days ago? I've been humming the songs we learned (like "Indescribable", quoted above) ever since, and I'm still grateful to Tim Gray (a new young adult volunteer) and the kids who brought these to us. This group (Roddy Moyer, Judy Langdon, Bethany Langdon, Emily Daos, Robyn DeLossa, and Cierra Nichols) must have rehearsed at least 6 or 8 times in advance, and the "payoff" from that practice was so clear. I'm also grateful for Emily Daos's beautiful solos on the piano and Rebecca Hubbard's lovely solo on the flute. Finally what a joy it was to hear the strength and resonance of our combined junior and senior high choirs!

As I hum these songs and tunes, I'm also reminded of the the great messages we heard. First, there was the "Racing" skit that Natalie and Betsy presented--a skit based upon the need to pace ourselves through the long and winding "race" of life. Next, came Melissa and Caroline's "Competition" skit--rarely has the sin of pride been so delightfully lampooned. Then came a well done "Words to Kids" that Kenneth and Cierra built around the theme of individual gifts and call. Next came Andrew's clear reading of the Scripture--a reading that he practiced many times. Finally, there was Betsy Mantz's sermon--a message that brought such energy from the Scripture and the person who proclaimed it.

All of these kids had "front and center" jobs on Youth Sunday--but each of them was supported by a vast network of friends behind the scenes. This included Ushers (Kenneth Beck, Justin Norton, J.J. Peacock, and David Sjostedt), Greeters (Melissa, Caroline, J.J., Andrew, David, Jane, and Mary), Youth Commission Members, and Youth Staff (Karen Ceaser, Todd Walter, and Randi Bender-Walter). If you enjoyed Youth Sunday and you haven't already told them, please make a special effort to speak with one of these Youth Staff. They worked for months on this service in order to make it "fly," and the result of their effort was so clear. Good job, gang!

At the risk of being a little bit sinful, I must say that we are very, very proud of you.



April 22  Calendar Highlights      The Church in Motion. . .
King's Chorus Tech Week --- Mon - Friday in McDonald Hall 6 to 7pm

Breakfast Club Bible Study at Carrow's
7:00 am
Contact:  Bob Erbacker

Cherub Choir
4:30 pm
Contact:  Emily Anderson;

Gospel Gang
4:30 pm
Contact:  Lesley Sirianni

High School Fellowship
6:00 pm
Contact:  Todd Walter

Kings Chorus
6:00 pm
Contact:  Lesley Sirianni

7:00 pm
Contact:  The Larsons

SonLight Singers
7:00 pm
Contact:  Lesley Sirianni

Chapel Bells
7:00 pm
Contact:  Nan Roberts

Prayer Fellowship
7:00 pm
Contact:  Keith Headley

Jr. High Fellowship
7:00 pm
Contact:  Todd Walter

After Hours"
7:00 pm

Contact:  Todd Walter

Venturing Crew 731
7:00 pm
Contact:  Eric V. Beck

Chancel Choir

7:30 pm

Contact:  Alan Petker

Tennis & Breakfast
8:15 am
Contact:  Paul Mathews  or  Pastor Neal

Youth Hangout
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Contact: Todd Walter

King's Chorus Dress Rehearsal

9 - 12 Noon

Contact:  Lesley Sirianni

Co-ed Volleyball
See below left
Contact:  Erik Larson, Jim Peacock  , Maureen Bradford, or Brad Tapie

David's Team ----- 5pm
Jim's Team    ----- 5pm
Erik & Carrie  ----- 7pm
Brad & Maureen - 6pm

Adult Sunday School
8:30 - 9:30 pm
Contact:  Paul Mathews or Shirley Gonzales

Children and Youth Sunday School
Begins During Service
Contact: Sue Headley


09:30 am
Contact: Pastor Neal or Paul Purdy

Missionaries Walker to Speak

Saturday evening at April 26th, Outriggers is hosting Brandon and Janico Walker at First Presbyterian Church.  The event is set for 8pm in McDonald hall.  The Walkers are missionaries in Mozambique and are eager to share their experiences with all.

      Burger And A Shake . . . Rattle and Roll

Get your burgers, chips and soda served up fresh with a big helping of song and dance at the First Pres. Rockin' Diner on Sunday, April 27th.  This exciting luncheon theater experience will take place immediately after the morning worship service. 

Tickets are still only $5.  Contact any King's Chorus member or
Lesley Sirianni to get yours.
Don't Miss Out!

28th Annual Crop Hunger Walk

Join in the CROP Hunger Walk here in San Pedro to help raise awareness and funds to fight hunger--around the block and around the world.  To Sign up to walk or sponsor a walker see Jim Peacock or Joanne Oden. 

This will be a 10k walk, or 6 and a half miles, with alternate routes.  You can start after 1pm too!

The Walk is Sunday, April 27 at 1pm after the Rockin' Diner. 

Know someone who wants to walk but doesn't live here? 
Click on the graphic outlined in blue above to find a location nearest your friend.

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