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The staff and Session of First Presbyterian Church, San Pedro hope this planning booklet will answer many of your questions regarding at wedding ceremony at this church.


A marriage in the church is more than a civil ceremony; it is a service of Christian worship, expressing praise and thanksgiving to God for the gift of marriage. The promises of marriage are made in response to the Word of God, in the context of prayer, and in the presence of the community of faith.



How Arrangements are Made

1. Call or visit the Church Office, 1.310.832.7597. At your request, the office manager will send you a Wedding Application for you to compete,and will inform you of the availability of the church and pastor for a desired date and time forthe wedding and the rehearsal. Because of the active Sunday schedule of the church, Saturday weddings must begin no later than 4:00p.m. Also, the church does not schedule weddings on Sundays.


2. Return the Wedding Application to the Church Office with a $300.00 deposit as soon as possible as this confirms your date and time.

The Wedding Coordinator of the church will be your contact person and will assist you with all arrangements.



Conference with the Pastor

All weddings will be preceded by a conference with the Pastor. The Christian ideals of marriage and family life and the structure of the weddings ceremony are discussed. To arrange for the conference, call the church, 1.310.832.7597.



Wedding and Rehearsal Atmosphere

The church wedding is a religious service. Church regulations prohibit smoking and the use of alcoholic beverage on church property. Also, we do not allow rice, confetti or bird seed to be thrown in the church or on the church grounds.



The Wedding Service

The wedding service in the Worship book of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. is generally used. However, the wedding couple may work with the pastor to prepare a special ceremony which meets with the pastor's approval.


By the direction of the Session (governing body of the church), the pastor of the church will conduct the service. If you wish to have another pastor also participate in the service, discuss this possibility with the church pastor.



The Wedding Coordinator

The church wedding coordinator will be your adviser, as called upon, in planning arrangements. She will assist the pastor in conducting the rehearsal and directing the wedding.




The services of the church organist are provided in your fee. If soloists and additional instrumentalists are desired, it is at your arrangement and expense. please inform the organist if you have made such arrangements.


The selection of music for the wedding must be suitable and reverent. The organist must approve all music selected for the wedding. If you have requests, Please feel free to contact the organist.




Please inform your photographer of the following regulations:

  • The photographer may take pictures before and after the ceremony, but may not delay the start of the wedding ( subject to determination by the Wedding Coordinator)
  • During the processional, the ceremony and the recessional, the photographer may take still timed pictures from the rear of the church only, being careful that the wedding party and guests are not distracted and the dignity of the ceremony is not diminished.
  • Photographs following the service should be taken as soon as possible, and last no more than one hour, so guests at the reception are not kept waiting.
  • Guests should be cautioned not to take photographs during the ceremony.
  • If a video camera is being used, the operator must remain in one position (usually on the side behind the organ) during the ceremony.



You may decorate the Chancel area as you wish; however, the church does not provide baskets. We have four pedestals for your use. A floral arrangement may be placed on the communion table. Placement of flowers will also be supervised by the Wedding Coordinator. The church provides two brass candelabras upon request; and a Unity Candle candelabra.


If using the Unity Candle, please provide two tapers approximately 12 inches and one larger candle approximately 3 inches in diameter.



Information for Your Florist

It is approximately 15 yards from the doors of the sanctuary to the Chancel steps. There are approximately 30 pews (14 on the right and 16 on the left) and the circumference of each pew is 35 inches. Decorations must be secured to pews with ribbon, ribber bands or soft flexible ties. Do not use tacks, wire, screws, tape or staples. The Wedding Coordinator must be given a time that the florist will be arriving to set up.



Wedding Fees

The deposit of $300.00 is paid at the time you submit your application. Deposits are refundable up to 30 days before the wedding. Deposits are non-refundable within 30 days before the wedding. The balance in full is paid no later than the rehearsal day. Checks are made payable to First Presbyterian Church.


The fee for a Wedding is $1200.00


This fee includes payment for the use of the sanctuary, the services of the Pastor, Wedding Coordinator, Organist, Sound Technician, and Custodian whether or not you use all services.

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