2019 Pastor Nominating Committee
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The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is to Select a Nominee for our next Pastor, Negotiate the Terms of Call, and Report the Call to Session - who will then authorize a Congregational meeting for the Election of our next Pastor.

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  • Overview - Discerning God’s will, Listening, Respecting Confidentiality

  • Discernment - the PNC members will strive to discern God’s will, by respecting the desires of the congregation, being true to the mission statement of our church, and by actively looking for ways God is calling our next Pastor. 

  • Listening - the PNC members will listen for ways that God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus may be leading us; and PNC members will respect each other during the many meetings and electronic interactions. 

  • Respecting Confidentiality - the PNC members will maintain strict confidentiality to protect the privacy of potential nominees.   With our congregation, the PNC members will be as transparent as possible - but we can not discuss specifics about potential nominees.     


  • Timeline and milestones


  • The determination of the Congregation’s needs & desires  (Holy Cow survey, post-survey meetings & focus groups - done)

  • Elect the PNC  (done)

  • Write the Ministry Information Form (MIF)  (in progress)

  • Submit MIF to Church Leadership Connection (CLC) system  

  • Review received Personal Information Forms (PIFs)

  • Background checks

  • Select Nominee

  • Negotiate Terms of Call

  • Report Call to Session

  • Congregational Meeting to Elect the Pastor

  • Sign the Call

  • PNC dismissed



Congregational Members


  • Cam Beck, Chair

  • Elliot Porterfield, Technology and Secretary

  • Gwen Brown

  • Preston Easley

  • Rick Iwai

  • Peggy Jeans

  • Mike Mantz

  • Gordon Teuber


Committee on Ministry Representative


  • Steve Yamaguchi


Rev. Dr. Steven T. Yamaguchi is our liaison from the Presbytery's Commission on Ministry. His role is to provide us guidance, resources, and other services as we go through the pastoral search process per the Book of Order (see below).


Currently, Steve is serving as Interim Co-Pastor at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. He has been the Dean of Students, and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. Steve has served as Executive Presbyter of the Presbytery of Los Ranchos and was the Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Paramount and Long Beach. Over the years Steve has supported dozens of PNCs and he is happy to be working now with FPSP.


G-2.0803 Call Process (from the Book of Order)

“According to the process of the presbytery and prior to making its report to the congregation, the pastor nominating committee shall receive and consider the presbytery’s counsel on the merits, suitability, and availability of those considered for the call. When the way is clear for the committee to report to the congregation, the committee shall notify the session, which shall call a congregational meeting.”



  • This document spells out the PNC’s “game plan” in detail:  


“On Calling a Pastor -  A resource for pastor nominating committees, and mid councils”,  prepared by Church Leadership Connection and the Office of the General Assembly,   look here for a PDF: https://www.pcusa.org/site_media/media/uploads/clc/pdfs/the_revised_on_calling_a_pastor_manual_march_2015.pdf


  • This video gives a brief overview:  “Introduction to Calling a Pastor”




As of 4-23-2019, the PNC is working on the MIF for our church.  The MIF is what potential nominees will read to see if they feel called to service our church and our community.



PIFs are what the PNC will receive from interested potential nominees.  PIFs are strictly confidential, PNC members are charged to protect the privacy of all potential nominees.

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