Summer Prayer
Summer Prayer

Summer Prayer Plan

With our summer schedules having many of us leaving town and changing our routines, I thought it would be good for us to stay connected as a church family through prayer. The intention of this prayer plan is to unify our church and to practice prayer together.

Here is what I would like you to do and let’s see what God will do as we pray together these next 8 weeks.

For the next 8 weeks of summer I want to encourage you to pray three times per day -

  • in the morning when you awake a prayer of relinquishment
  • at mid-day (I picked 12:12pm so we can all remember) the Lord’s Prayer
  • in the evening, an adapted prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17 that believers would be united.

Praying with you,

Pastor Tim


Below are the simple prayers that we can say together:


Morning Prayer

A Prayer of Relinquishment
“Today Lord, I yield myself to you.
May your will be my delight today.
May you have your perfect sway in me.
May your love be the pattern for my living.
I surrender to you my hopes, my dreams, my ambitions.
Do with them what you will, when you will, as you will.
I place into your loving care my family, my friends, my future.
Care for them with the care I can never give.
May you establish your kingdom through
my words, my hands, my feet, for Jesus’ sake. Amen”


Mid Day Prayer at 12:12pm

Our Father
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name;
Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors;
and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. 
For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory. Amen.


Evening Prayer

Jesus Prayer for Unity

(Based on Jesus’ Prayer in John 17:20+)
I pray for all who believe in Jesus.
May we be one, just as Christ and the Father are one.
May our unity in Christ be a light to the world,
so that the world may see Christ in us, and know Christ.
May all glory be given to God the Father, through Christ, in Christ,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



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